Loan process simplified

Applying for a home loan can seem very confusing and complicated. We have simplified the loan process by outlining the steps involved.

Understanding the Loan Process

Loan Application

  •  Loan Officer meets with applicants in person, via phone, or online.
  •  Order credit report, pre-qualify, and send required disclosures.
  •  Customize  loan products to meet individual needs.
  •  Maintain communication throughout the loan process.

Loan Set Up

  •  Order Residential Appraisal.
  •  Send Verification to Applicable Entities.

Loan Processing

  •  The processor is your contact during all processing and  compiling of information for loan submission.
  •  Email all information for loan processing to your processor.


  •  Evaluation of credit and property in determining adherence to agency guidelines.


  •  Supreme Lending sends prepared instructions to the title company.
  •  Title company prepares and provides final closing figures.
  • Loan Officer will then call borrower with final figures.