Jefferson Aldredge

Jefferson Aldredge
It may seem counter-intuitive, but when you get right down to it, mortgage lending is a people business, not a numbers business. Although it was my entrepreneurial spirit and a bit of Texan independence that originally drew me in, I have come to learn after closing  literally thousands of loans, how tremendously gratifying this business can be. Because quite simple, when I go home at night, I know that I spent my day at a noble pursuit: helping people get into homes. Shelter is a basic need for all families.
Of course, in a people business, customer service is crucial: hence our company’s near-obsession with it! Sometimes customer service means “demystifying” the mortgage process for our clients, particularly first-time homebuyers. The process can also be downright daunting for busy parents who are working all day and then shuffling the kids off to football practice. They just need prompt answers about their loan and some education about how the process works.
Sometimes customer service means helping people understand the importance of their credit score. Imagine devoting countless weekends to house hunting, finding the home of your dreams, and then learning that you cannot qualify for a mortgage loan. “Prequalifying can help you.”
I’m very proud of the business that Todd Nunis and I have built, and I’m equally proud of the fine professional team we have assembled. But In the end, it’s not only about building a business. It’s about building customer relationships.
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