About Us

  • Supreme Lending originates Conventional, VA, FHA and USDA residential home mortgages for home owners nationwide and is one of the most progressive and dynamic mortgage originators in the country. Since its establishment in 1999, it has grown to over 200 branches and just under 2,000 employees nationwide as of July 2017. Here at the Keller branch of Supreme Lending, we are at once both proud to be part of such a large and impressive firm, yet happy to be a self-contained, autonomous office that can provide highly personalized services to our valued clients.

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  • In short, we have the best of both worlds!
    Furthermore, because Supreme Lending is in the enviable position of coordinating underwriting, processing, and funding all Conventional, VA, FHA, and USDA home loans under one roof. We have streamlined the loan approval process and save valuable time for our clients. We have relationships with investors that allow us to offer competitive interest rates and lower fees to our clients. Our entire office is dedicated solely to closing mortgage loans.